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Perfect if you have multiple propane cylinders, or other steel gas cylinders! Mark your inventory so you can see which ones are full, empty or partially full at a glance.

These magnets are in use from coast to coast, from breweries to pharmaceutical companies to home shops to mining operations. Extremely useful and versatile, these magnets make inventory tracking easy. At a glance, color coded and re-usable on all your ferrous metal cylinders.

Please note these do NOT work on stainless steel dewars or aluminum cylinders. They’re magnets, after all! If you want to ensure these will stick before you purchase, grab your favorite fridge magnet and see if it sticks to your cylinder. If it does, congratulations – this product is definitely for you. If it does not stick, these definitely won’t stay on either and you’ll need more traditional tear away paper tags.

Each magnet is 8″ Long, 2″ Tall. No returns are accepted on this item – please ensure your cylinders are made from a ferrous metal before purchasing. If you need assistance determining if they are, please contact us for assistance!

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 8 × 2 × .25 in

Full/In Use/Empty, Full/In Use, Full, In Use, Empty