About Us

Where it all started in 2016!

We are a small printshop and custom merchandise outfit based out of a small town called Durhamville, smack in the middle of New York state. Owner and operated by a volunteer fireman and IT professional, the need for some decals arose at the department one day. After a bit of research, the equipment and materials were on their way to the house.  The stickers were an instant success, but the equipment was sitting idle more than it was being used – so what to do? OH, we need t-shirts for events – and firemen love t-shirts anyways, so why not! 

Seriously cramped quarters in 2017

Word got out among the local fire departments that I was making shirts and stickers, and with the help of some friends selling stuff as well, Total Chaos Designs was born! Never satisfied with only being able to do certain limited things, the shop has grown considerably since the beginnings. 

We are now continually adding new products to our line up, and expanding to meet our customer’s needs. We’re now proud to be able to offer screen printing for large runs and higher quality, longer lasting apparel. 

Screen printing added in 2018

We plan to continue expanding to new processes to better serve our customer base! Keep watching what we’re doing next, and if there’s something special that you’re looking for – get in touch with us! We may have that capability already, or be able to get it done for you. Who knows – your request might spark an entire new product line to choose from!

In late 2020, after the pandemic slowdowns, we decided to get into a new type of product that relates to the reason Total Chaos Designs started in the first place! Leather products, made from full grain leather, are slowly going to be added to the shop with a separate line name of Chaos Supply. We will be adding in radio straps, fire helmet straps, glove holders and of course all sorts of other products like keyfobs, bags, and even stuffed animals. Check out the new product line and send us your feedback or requests for custom product.

Who Runs This Place?!

No, the mustache isn’t real – but it’s SPECTACULAR!

Glad you asked. My name is Eric and I’m a t-shirt and sticker addict.

Meet the shop dogs!

If you come to the shop to discuss a design or pickup an order, you’ll be greeted by one, or probably both, of the shop dogs. Sometimes an errant hair makes its way into the packages while they’re doing QA review – consider it their stamp of approval if you find one!

Coconut the American Eskimo
Shadow – wearing the office standard dress code tie.